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  3. Under the new Terrorism Act, protestors and activists with no interest in overthrowing the state or harming the general public could find themselves falling under the Act’s expanded definition of terrorism.


    The Act creates a two-tier system in which people suspected of a criminal act for moral or political reasons will have fewer rights than someone who commits a similar crime for reasons of lust, greed or viciousness.


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    Awkward moment when you forget what driving is. #bus #crash #london #peckham #thankgodthatsnotthebusimwaitingfor


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  7. Growers turned to genetics in hopes of building a tougher orange tree. But would the public accept genetically modified food?


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  9. God Bless Chris Morris (from Hansard – 23rd July, 1996)

    1. Mr. Amess: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what action the Government propose in respect of the import of (a) khat, (b) gammahydroxybutyrate and (c) "cake" to the United Kingdom. [38968]
    2. Mr. Sackville: We are not aware of any reports of misuse in the United Kingdom of the substance known as "cake" but the advisory council nevertheless has under review the question whether this and a number of similar substances should be brought within the scope of the 1971 Act.